Web Viewer change link automatically

How can I make my web viewer change its link to another in a time interval automatically.
It's already doing this, but it's only once, and I wanted to make it switch between multiple links.

You need two global lists:

  • URLs (with all the URLs you want to visit)
  • URLs_left_to_visit, initially empty list

In your Clock Timer, set to repeat and with appropriately long milliseconds

  if Is Empty List (URLs_left_to_visit) then
      set URLs_left_to_visit to copy (URLs )
  WebViewer1.GotoURL (select item 1 from URLs_left_to_visit )
  remove item 1 from URLs_left_to_visit 
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That's it, it's working 100%!
Thank You.

Okay, but the Screen1.Initialize blocks for the re-initialization were unnecessary.

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True.:sweat_smile: Thanks again!

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