Web page freezes

When ever I go to block section, the page freezes suddenly after few time, I should refresh the page every time it freezes and by refreshing it goes back to the my project page. What should I do now?

Start by taking a Project->Export of your project, if you haven’t done so recently.

How many Screens and Blocks are in your project?

What other AI2 distributions have hosted your project before AI2?

Which browser are you using?

I had only 2 screen in my project.
When I open block section, I can easily navigate there but when I start to add blocks few block will be added but after some time the pallete stops responding.
I am using Google Chrome.

How many blocks are on the current screen?

Do you have the Companion connected while you code?
That can slow you down.

Is something sucking up your Internet bandwidth, like a video playing?

I had only 2-3 blocks and I was using my Mobile to do that work and I was not playing any games at that time

The AI2 web site is designed to be used from a desktop computer.
You were trying to develop from your phone?

There is a bug in the blocks editor where it stops responding to touch events. We haven’t been able to track down exactly what causes it to happen. I don’t think the situation is that the page is frozen, but that there is some element consuming all of the touch events so they don’t end up being routed to the right components.