Web.Get do not return right response

I uploaded a php file to a free server (vastserve.com), the url is:


this works when I tested in pc browser, and app WebViewer.
but not working with Web.Get

I also tested Web.PostText, same result.
What should I do to make the Web.Get receive the right content?

What does time.php look like?

It looks like it tries to generate an html page, which is what is being returned ?


echo date("Y-m-d H:i:s ");

The Request is redirected.
The response Content is the redirected one.

Check your server settings or documentation
Also what is the content of the redirected page? Just display it in a webviewer to find it out...

see the photo of first post.

Yes, I can see the response, but can't read it... can you? Therefore


In Webviewer, it will return the Content I wanted. also shown in the photo with lower arrow.

Take the response content from the web got text event and display that in a webviewer, so we are able to read it


My guess is, your service provider only allows website hosting and blocks Get and Post requests

From the t&c

We do not allow any kind applications to be hosted here.
Applications such as, proxy scripts, shell scripts, online gaming scripts, file/image sharing scripts, chat scripts, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, buxto, torrent scripts cannot be hosted here. Account will be suspended and you may get a chance to reactivate it. If violation will occur again, account will be closed/ terminated.


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solved by this:

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