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I have an API that needs apiKey, path , value where value will be Y or N

But the above blocks is not working. As you can see I need to send path/key/value where value is N

You need to provide documentation about your api. Your url seems incomplete, there are no headers etc.

I am using this key/value api

See the post method it only requires parameters in the URL


you can substitute actual usage below

api/KeyVal/UpdateValue/apikey /track /N

This not working, "N" is supposed to be the value. POST method has no body content.

I made it working by posting empty value in PostText method, while keeping the "N" value in the URL

Let's try...


Key Value Pair
Easy & manage here
Button: Get App key

ht tps://keyvalue.immanuel.co/api/KeyVal/UpdateValue/zkwqn46r/
ht tps://keyvalue.immanuel.co/api/KeyVal/GetValue/zkwqn46r/

p8A2i_ClaveValorAPI.aia (2.5 KB) (fake app key)

Yes. Works,

Similar to TinyWebDB.

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