WEB component name resolution problem

Good morning
I’m writing a simple app which retrive a value in plain text/html from an internal network http host
Seems that web component refuse to use local network address: even create 1101 error
If I check log file in the web server seems that no requests have arrived
no errors … no any access !
I tried with external addresses (… even “www.pippo.com”) in web url and error 1101 disappear
Is it possible that WEB component try to resolve url names and do not accept direct ip addresses ?
There is a workaround for this ?
Thank you all

Please show your relevant blocks.

Also check that your device/emulator is running on the same network. If using companion, the IP address shows up on the start screen.

Where does your device get its Internet access from?
Cell service, or WiFi?

:scream: :scream: :scream:Oh my god ! The ip address seems correct (same class) but the tablet was connected to another AP !!! A 4G modem under test !!!
Sorry !!
Really sorry for this stupid topic

Thank you really all

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