Web Component json decode method changes the order of the JSON text

I just found that the Web JSON Decode Method will change the order of the origin JSON text. As a result, I have to check the keys every time which brings me a very big bloated code block.
Any ideas to fix it? Or I have always to check it by for i in range(xxx)?
For instance (it's worth to mention that both pictures are not describing the same JSON text):

(The JSON text for the first picture: the code block):
{"_text":"vertretung 9e heute","entities":{"GetInfo":[{"confidence":1,"value":"Vertretungsplan","type":"value"}],"GetClass":[{"suggested":true,"confidence":0.98500467313389,"value":"9e","type":"value"}],"datetime":[{"confidence":0.95622,"values":[{"value":"2020-01-30T00:00:00.000+01:00","grain":"day","type":"value"}],"value":"2020-01-30T00:00:00.000+01:00","grain":"day","type":"value"}]},"msg_id":"1lKBUXenoI8W9XCQf"}

An example of the changed order.

the order of the keys should never be relevant...
to get a key value pair, use the loopup in pairs block
How does the lookup in pairs block work?


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Note that in the next release there will be support for JSON dictionaries in App Inventor. I haven’t checked it, but it may be better at keeping order. However, there’s no guarantee to maintain key order as @Taifun stated.

ok, get it, thanks.
I just thought it is too hard to find the key:value by JSON text if it is structured as such list in App Inventor

And also thanks for the answer from @Taifun .

Whilst I agree with what is said by @Taifun and @ewpatton, see HERE a workaround created a couple of years ago for simple json to maintain order!

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