Web component, HtmlTextDecode

There is an HtmlTextDecode command in the web component. Is there any command or extension that does the opposite? So HtmlTextEncode?


{EDIT sorry, I misread your request}

Hmm. Really, this block will replace, for example, "space" with "& # x 20;"? Unless you misunderstood my question?

I would try

There isn't a Block for that task - much more difficult because, for example, it would need to differentiate between code and comments.

Can you explain what your App is for? It's an unusual requirement.

I need to make a UTF8 encoder. First, I did the method described in this forum, that is, two tables, one with signs, the other with the appropriate values. This method has limitations because we will not write every character in it and is time consuming.
Then I did according to my method, the list of characters was created automatically using the WEB component, if several thousand characters can be created in a few seconds, I create the entire unicode table in several dozen seconds, which takes a long time. For this, I am asking if there is any reverse block.

Oddly enough, even this text box treated & # x20; as spaces. The same google translator displayed an error after entering this string. They also do not distinguish the code from the comment. I think such a block would be good for people looking for utf decoder / encoders. All you need to do is convert unicode to utf and it's ready: D

I'm sure it would be, but how many students need to do that?

Sorry, I did misread your question



Probably this is what you are looking for:

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Already testing :). I was looking for the extension badly because I was looking for "WEB".

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It does not work as expected. It only works for certain characters and returns no unicode number, just code. For example, I will type & and the result is "& amp;", I need & # x26; ".