Web Component Help Request (php/mySQL)

Hello friends, I wrote my app inventor 2 code as below and also the php+mysql side is ready on the site. What I want to do is send the login information to the server on the php side and query from the database and redirect if the information is correct as a result of that query, but I am stuck here.

Thank you very much in advance if anyone can help.
Good forum everyone.

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The Notifier ShowAlert block is too ephemeral for catching error messages and holding them visible for screen shots.

I advise adding a Label for debugging, so you can show us the responseContent.

I anticipate trouble from those "- and -" text fragments in your URL, unprotected by Web URLDEcode (Encode?) blocks. The responseContent would tell us if I worry too much.

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I couldn't run it, even though I made all the settings, I always got a "bad request" error :frowning:

did i do it right?

Is there a video explanation? I'm still very new to app inventor 2 :frowning:

by the way i forgot to share my code

The responseContent you showed us in Web Component Help Request (php/mySQL) - #5 by Ceit89
looks like what a web server might respond to the URL you built.
I see in it an email address and a 123456 password, wrapped in a html script call.

Unfortunately, I know nothing of what happened in that web server to engender that response.

Something more knowledgeable with php server side scripting would be needed for that.