We have formed a team during the appathon. Do we need to submit the other team members name at the time of submission?

Just confused with this

As far as I know you need to make teams before the start of appathon and at the time of registration the team members need to be added so as far as what I think other team members who joined after the start of appathon would not be considered for more detail try contacting @ewpatton

Last year we formed teams after the start

I am also not sure so the best suggestion I can give is try contacting @ewpatton

ok waiting for @ewpatton's reply

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You should be able to edit your registration using the link previously emailed to you during the registration process. We will not manually process requests to modify teams.

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Just a suggestion :wink: :

Avoid so many pings :pray:


ok sorry ,

ok sir I will do that

I am sorry

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