Way to trigger javascript function in webview?

Apps that appinventor outputs kind of don't match with native android apps sometimes random padding issues or not adopting properly according to device size and all that you all know well so to get rid of design issues I've decided to not play much with different extensions or anything I'm gonna use web view and write static html for it but now the question arises how I'm supposed to pass some value to web view like for eg. I have to trigger some javascript function named plusFont when I click on a floating button in my app so how I'm supposed to do this?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

ok I've found one solution that suggests using of webviewstring but it's kinda complicated coz I will have to put lot of logics to check which particular button is being click it's on off etc. So I'm open to suggestions if you have better way.

The best thing for you I guess is to learn how to do it. It looks like you want to take the easy road but there isn't one. You found the solution, there are plenty of topics about that, so dive in and good luck.

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Assuming that you're using the page inside of a WebViewer, there is also the RunJavaScript function.

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