Wav or Mp3 audio recorder. No 3gp

Hi, I did some research on voice recorders in formats other than 3GP, such as WAV, MP3, OGG. To date I found only this: GitHub - G10DRAS/WavSoundRecorderExtension: Wav Sound Recorder Extension for App Inventor 2 . Are there others and updated?

You might want to do a search in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

Django has created by far the best WAV recorder extension. Unfortunately, this seems to be no longer available on Thunkable / archive.org, as you can see in Taifun's extension directory. And Django - as he informed me - said goodbye to all AI2 distro platforms.

I had used this extension in one of my apps some time ago.

Updates: I managed to use the Giodras wav recorder by saving the file in the SHARED folders. Today I updated the device to android 12 and it does not use SHARED folders. I implemented saving the file in ASD but it still does not save the file.

Show your blocks and post a (small) test aia.

You forgot to stop recording.

Sorry, I had forgotten.

I've no problem with it on Android 12+ (and any Android version ≥ 4.4 / API 19 - KitKat).

Try this one:
wavRec.aia (19.8 KB)

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Note: Below API 19, WRITE permission must be requested.

i tried your version. these are the results:

on an android 11 device: works with APPINVENTOR, doesn't work in APK

On an android 12 device: both APPINVENTOR and APK don't work

ERROR 701: unable to load....

If you test with the APK, you must of course request AUDIO permission:

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Thank you, thank you. Always very helpful and efficient!!

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By the way...

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