Water consumption alert system notification

hi can u help how to write in the MIT app inventor to show when the water level reaches 1400 milli litre ,it sends notifications alert to the phone , but i use web server to send the data to mit app inventor

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Hello, @pyae Welcome to the community! Well, I think you first need a water sensor? that supports mit app inventor.

yes i alrdy run the part of water flow sensor in the arduino uno, my first part is to show the amount of water flow from the water flow sensor on the serial monitor with millimetre , and the second part is to set the limit example like when the water flow reaches to 1200 millimetre , it will send the alert notification from the MIT app to the user , but i dun know how to write in the MIT app inventor ,

Hello, @pyae i have the same project but using a HC-06 bluetooth card.
It's possible for you to share the program of the arduino please ? (because the notifications will depends of your code)