-Watchdog- [Kind of thing] that monitor behavior of certain stuffs

Ok, here's the thing:

  • I'm working on an App that handles sensitive information about the user.
  • What I need to do is a kind of WatchDog that is constantly monitoring that the USB Debbug is turned off, as well as that the USB is not plugged in while using the app.

It is easy to do this recognition as soon as the application starts, but the problem is that there are many ways and tools that cheat this method of checking, which is why it is necessary to do it continuously and automatically. I don't know if it's through a service or a method of listening to the USB port or changes in the system [while it's running].

Now I'm managing with the number of attempts, logged in time, and only per task [Login > Sent or Attempt or Receive > Logout]

  • This way, each JWT is new and unique to that session (Task, Time, or Attempt).

  • That is why I ask for your help, to be able to reason out that "way" to be able to achieve that Watchdog that I need.

Well, you know better than anyone the scope and limitations of the platform, since I'm new to Apps.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my :heart: for your :clock1: , and a big hug from :argentina: to the :world_map:

And @Appsbeheerder for your amazing RSA cryptography extension

Here's a flowchart to give you a better idea

Link of the chart