Warning adding a google name to an account erases all apps - App Inventor Gallery inaccessible

Yesterday I tried to publish my app to the MIT App Inventor Gallery. The instructions said I should use my Google email account rather than my normal non-google email so I added a Google account name to the existing account thinking that would allow me to work on my existing apps. Instead, it deleted all three years of my apps work and neither my old log-in name nor my new log-in name showed anything but a blank starters page. Having created a Gmail account as instructed I searched everywhere for the My Apps link or the Add Apps link to download the publisher page but couldn't find them anywhere.

I'm assuming my apps are lost forever from my MIT App Inventor account. Fortunately, I had kept copies of all my important aia files so it was more of a spring clean than a disaster but others might not be so lucky.

I'd still be grateful if you could advise whether the Gallery is accepting new projects and if so how to submit one.

Thanks for any advice you can give, Peter

Have assigned to MIT. They should be able to recover your projects/gallery items to your new account email. You will need to give permission and details for them to do so. Might take a little while for a response / action.

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Hi Tim

That is very kind of you and MIT but I do have aia backups of the important files so don't want to take a lot of someone's time to restore the rest that I had just kept as a precaution during program development. The project is now complete and functioning smoothly and it was probably time to clear out the old records. My main concern is whether it could happen to anyone else and whether this is a bug that needs to be corrected.

Also, I don't have any gallery items as I can't find the link that allows me to submit projects to the Gallery. Advice on how to access the form for submitting an item would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Peter

(not MIT)
Gallery submission is done from your project list, using line item check boxes that enable a button to open the Gallery submission dialog for the checked project.

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@PeterO Your projects weren't deleted. We never delete projects. Linking the accounts confused our system -- this has happened a bunch of times before, but we don't have an easy way to smooth this out on our end.

I can transfer your projects to the new account. I usually do transfer requests in batched every few weeks, so adding yours isn't a big deal.

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Thanks Abraham,

That was much simpler than the method I was trying. I should have looked more carefully at the options.

Much appreciated, Peter

Thanks for the explanation Susan and for the transfer of data.

Much appreciated, Peter

@PeterO Please send me a private message with your old account, your new account, and some information about the projects themselves so that I can verify ownership.


Hi Susan,

I sent a reply with attached files containing detailed information about the projects using the address "To: Susan Rati Lane via MIT App Inventor Community" but I'm not sure if that is the correct address. The email didn't bounce but could you confirm if you received my reply sent on the 23rd September 2020 9:09am.

Thanks for considering this, Peter

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