Wanting to make a school bus app (to stream video from inside the bus)


I wanted to starts make a school bus app but don't know where to begin with. Can anyone here help me? Or give some advise so that I can starts to digs the detail by myself. The app is sound like this.

  1. One app which called the server app where it is to install in the driver android cell phone. When fire up, it will starts capture the video from front and back camera and post to some cloud service.

  2. Another app called the client app is to be install into the parent android cellphone who is willing to subscribe the service. When fire up, they are able to view what is the activity inside the school bus. Or switch camare into the front if they want to know the traffic condition.

What I have tried :

  1. I had tried the "Alfred Home Security" downloaded from the Google play store. This app is close to what I want but only myself can access the camera. Not the parent of the student. This is because Alfred Home Security only allow people from the same Google ID to be able to access into the server camera.

  2. All I want is to make an app which produce an live IP address that can be accessible by anyone who has this IP address from remote.

Anyone can advise where to began with? Many thanks.

Hi @Yee_Ping_Ng, this would need you to capture the video stream input from the Android APIs, then continuously stream the raw data over to the cloud server.

I'm not sure if there is any such existing functionality or a tool in App Inventor that would allow you to achieve a continuous live streaming functionality.

However, if you are considering paid options, then I can work with you on the project. (I've worked with very similar projects before)

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