Wanting to contribute to an existing project to follow up with GSoC'23

My name is Avinash, and I'm an undergrad who wants to contribute to this organization. I've finished setting up the necessary environments, and I'd like to contribute to an ongoing project from GSoC'22 called "Designer Projects".
As I was reviewing the project, I saw the names of the mentors which were mentioned. I would like to receive a quick overview and roadmap (guide) of the project from @ewpatton

@Avinash_Acharya I am really happy to see you want to participate in GSoC.

Let me explain you a small getting started path.

  1. Complete your installation in local device.
  2. Make sure that your both servers are running properly 1. App engine 2. App inventor
  3. Go to GitHub and find a beginner friendly issue under "help wanted" label try to fix it and open the PR.

Thank you
Preet Vadaliya (GSoC 2021 & 2022 student)