Want to make a software with blockly code and need some help

How can I make a cloud service for free in blockly code ?
I mean is there any free alternative to google app engine?
I want users to save their projects and export them without any paid cloud service
Can I do that?

Any solution?

App Engine has some free limits, so if you happen to stay below those that's fine. If you don't need an active back end, you could also host your page on something like GitHub Pages.

Can I sign up for free? On google app engine

I wanna make it for atleast 100 students in my school
Can I use GitHub pages?

Can I use Microsoft Azure?

For the buildserver, sure. The App Engine code is really set up to run in Google App Engine (as the name implies). It is possible to build a custom backend for it so you don't have to, but that is outside the scope of what we support at this time (there are PRs on GitHub for Postgres support if you're interested in exploring).

You need a card.That's it.

Sir I need to use azure or any free service atleast for now
Please find me an alternative way other than google app engine

I am 13
How can I have my own card?
My parents won't allow me to use their card

I don't know that there are any cloud providers that would give you significant amounts of service for free. These are for-profit companies and their objective is to make money on these services.

You could prototype something on https://glitch.com/ and change to a paid service if you need to later on.

GCloud gives you free $300 for 1 year if you provide your card details.
But it will not cost you until you use their services in a limit.

Sir I don't need enormous amount of services

Azure also needs card