Waiting forever for the AfterUnzip event in TaifunZip extension

I am working very well with the TaifunZip extension but if there is a problem with a zip file (for example it is in the wrong format), the extension shows a warning, but the APP does not have the ability to react to this problem and is waiting forever for the AfterUnzip event.
Is it possible to add an error event block to this extension or maybe there is another solution? Thanks

How should the app react? The zip file is corrupt and that's it.

You could check for the correct file extension (zip) before trying to unzip?

The extension currently does not offer an ErrorOccurred event... you might want to try [FREE / Open Source] ZipFile - Read ZIP contents without extracting - Extensions - Kodular Community as alternative



The file has a zip extension and it is impossible to understand first if it is corrupt or if the password is wrong. TaifunZip shows a fair warning but the app knows nothing about it.
Maybe you can pass this warning message to the filelist property of the TaifunZip.AfterUnzip event by invoking it along with the warning? It will solve the problem.
p.s i'll try also ZipFile extention

Assuming the zip file is corrupt. What difference does it make if the app detects this? The app will hardly be able to repair the file.

So what could solve the problem?

yes, I can add more features in the extension
to sponsor that feature, please send me a PM to discuss the details.

Thank you


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And again

The extension will not be able to repair the file, but let's assume, an ErrorOccurred event exists and that error will be made available there, then the app developer could add some recommendations what to do in this case


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If you just want to know if there was a problem unzipping, you could do it with a timer by waiting 2-3 seconds for the Unip event to fire (i.e. a list of items is listed).

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