Waiting for an event

Hi to all,
Quite new on AI.
I am trying to make a message on the screen in order to make the user select an option via a couple of buttons YES-NO. According to the YES or NO user's selection, the app should continue doing something in case of YES or something else in case of NO. I am trying to do it with the Notifier component.
My problem is that the app doesn't pause while waiting for the user to pres YES or NO, so the app assumes the default value (I set it up to NO) and goes on.

How can I solve my problem? How can I prevent the app to go on while waiting for the user's selection?
Hope it is clear.
Thanks for your time.

Please show your relevant blocks.

It sounds like you have your call to the notifier in the wrong place in your blocks.....

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Done. Thanks for your time


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Thanks for your reply.
Could you please specify where's the error?

As you already found out yourself... the blocks do not wait... therefore move everything what should happen after choosing Si or No into the AfterChoosing event


Wow, it worked!
Actually both the solutions seemed equivalent but yours did the job!
So, why yours worked unlike mine?

becasue the blocks do not wait
you were trying to process the chosen value (Si or No) in that button click event before it has been chosen by the user in the AfterChoosing event

I got your point and I think what I wrote was not correct anyway. However I set "false" as default value for global Pulito, which didn't make me expect the app to hang, which is what really happened. Why?

it looks like you still did not understand, that the blocks do not wait?

what we can see from your blocks, is that

  1. the ShowChooseDialog block does not wait
  2. which results the following blocks will be executed without waiting
  3. and as the default value of global Pulito is false, that ShowMessageDialog will be shown

more currently I can't see from the blocks...

what means "the app hang"? I do not understand... you might want to elaborate...