Waiting a user action

How to create (throught buttom or anything else) inside a procedure to wait a user action to continue the blocks?RobinApp.pdf (255.6 KB)

What kind of user action ?

Usually you can use a notifier text or choose dialog for user input, you then pass the rest of the procedure to the after text entered / choice made event

Hi TimAI2. I’m creating a RPG Text Game. So there’s only one Screen with a general Vertical Arrangement with just one label and one button, and I have to think how to show/change the texts and the button will be used to show the options. There´s up to 400 texts. I was thiking to use Procedure to each text that, based in the choise of the user, call the specific procedure. One procedure to each text.

Here are a couple of ways to handle the texts:


It’s all about lists and tables.

Thanks for your help but isn’t what I’m looking for. I will prepare a doc showing what I need and post here. I can’t explain without show some screens.