Wait function stops code from working

I'm trying to make a Smash or Pass app, but with planes. When you click the 'Fly' button (Smash), I want the screen to turn blue. I'm trying to do this by making everything on the screen invisible and turning the screen blue. I also made a wait function so you can actually see the screen turn blue. When I use a procedure to turn everything invisible, without the wait, it works. However, if I then turn the screen back to normal you can't see the screen turning blue because there's no wait. When I try to add the wait function, the code just stops working, except the wait function. Below you can find my wait function (first picture) and the function in which I try to make everything invisible and then visible (second picture).

Do not use wait functions. Use the Clock component's Timer property, instead:

blocks (15)


Thanks a lot, I've been struggling with this for like 2 days.

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