Vt100 terminal with control characters

Hello. I am trying to create a program which connects via tcp / ip socket with a device which sends text like the old vt100 terminals.This text contains some special control characters (these in hexadecimal) the rest in ascii.In this special vt100 mode the text is sent cyclically, I estimate that about 5 or 6 times per second.The tricky part comes when I try to statically represent this text that is sent repeated multiple times per second with control characters like 0A and 0D.I was wondering if there is something preconceived to deal with this project. I really appreciate any help or suggestion.

Show us your blocks, show us how the text you get in the app looks like, then we will help you to get it in order. 0A and 0D are the line breaks and the start of a newline. In appinventor in text, they are represented as \n\r.