Volume to serial value

Hello, I don't even know if it is possible. I'd like to use the volume (media) of the phone and transfer it into a serial value. Then send this value via bluetooth to arduino. In other words, I'd like to use the sound directly from the phone data instead of using the audio sensor module.

Dear @HeadSpin, welcome to the Community.
Thanks to @Taifun 's great library of extensions, you could use his Audio Player extension (TaifunPlayer1) which allows you to set the volume of the sound being played. This volume value is a number between 0 and 100%. that you can then send to the destination via BT.
For a huge repository of BT to Arduino comm's examples you can have a look to @Juan_Antonio 's or @ChrisWard 's web sites. By digging the forum you'll find the appropriate links (i.e. "Puravidaapps, Kio4, Professorcad.uk")
All the best.

thank you so much for all the link. Save so much time in searching everywhere. A lot or reading for sure but that is nice reading. Thank you again for the leads

Taifun's setting extension can also get the current volume.

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Glad to help.
As you can see also from @NishyanthKumar answer, there is a lot of opportunities by searching the forum (you don't need to search the web, just the forum) and mainly the "extensions".

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