Voicerecorder - how change name file and send to email?

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This is my first app :slight_smile: - voicerecorder and i’d like after record auto change name file to ( for example ) test.3gp and send to e-mail. How do it ?

this is my app.


This link explains one way to change the sound file name https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/mitappinventortest/EjkSgkD1THA/IypmKp2uDgAJ;context-place=categories/mitappinventortest

You need to send the file by eMail as an attachment . Taifun points to several possible ways to do this https://puravidaapps.com/sendmail.php (some ‘solutions’ are free, others are paid and some require using a server).

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Sorry, but i don’t understand it how do it ( change name ). Please, help me, how do it ?

It is like this:

You will need to change “NewRecording.3gp” to a different name each time, otherwise you will overwrite it

/My Documents/Recordings is the default save path for recordings

Big thx for answer.

now it looks like:

all the time save is `/My Documents/Recordings/app_inventor_xxx.3gp

this is my first app and i don’t where is error.

Set SavedRecording block before your Start Recording

After change on phone:

Like this:

Also see HERE


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Voice recorder work perfect. i did add Component sharing, and after recording app share my record for example g-mail. Great, but how add default adress email ?
In component sharing have not extra options .

See: Different eMail solutions for App Inventor (by Taifun)

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