Visual Bugs in Gallery

Even after reloading problem persists

don't know if this is a bug or not see

I use google chrome up to date
my pc

Looks like Gallery does not have favicon too
Also i think the main reason is too long description althought the More button is visible it does not work

Could you post a link to the project?

This looks like a sketch was uploaded instead of the screen shot.

Just go to gallery type serial in search and scroll down you may find one or two even on homescreen there is a one

I got one at

It looks like there should be a length limit on the Credits text input value, along with the other descriptive inputs. Alternatively, the Gallery should allow extra file attachments for sketches accompanying hardware projects.
Referring to @jis.

Yep that it but what about the MORE button

I tried the MORE button, and it popped up a pane with no scroll bar and most of the text of the sketch. I can't tell if the text got truncated on its way into the Gallery, or if the designer of the Gallery underestimated the degree to which some one could abuse it with excessive text.

My advice to any one who wants to post a sketch and an app together on the Gallery until it improves: Upload your sketch source into the Media folder of the project, where others can find it when they open the project, and mention that in the descriptive text.

Yep that can be a real pain if a someone used it with malicious intention

This bug actually happens very often, it is pretty evident when scrolling through the gallery.

Sorry guys. I haven't had time to work on the Gallery, but hopefully I will soon.