Virus on Huawei

Hello everybody,
I’m actually trying to finish my first app but I was facing problems.
First one: when I’m trying to load my app on the companion device I didn’t get the same result for all devices I tried with (Huawei Y6, s4mini, and MotorolaG5S).
Second one: when I tried to download the app on my Huawei, I first met a virus alert but without mentioning the type of the virus then I tried again and I wasn’t able to just install it, without any error message and then I tried again and the installation process succeeded with a virus alert. On the Samsung device, I’ve got none of these issues. My app is just using CSV files and databases, and a sound, no extensions.
But the same .apk file on the Samsung device and on the Huawei device doesn’t show me the same result, the screen titles are missing on the Samsung.
Thanks for your reading and your support

The problem is the Virus checker that comes with the Huawei, Avast, has issues with App Inventor developed apps. See for a discussion. Some of the links discuss what you can do.

Yeah I already checked it but I didn’t see anything good to run an app on huawei except skiping the error message.
What about the differences betwenn devices?

The difference in response is probably some devices do not use an Avast virus checker Paul. Those devices that use Avast probably have the issue. I have several devices… an LG phone, two different Samsung tablets… no issues on any EVER.

Discuss this with Avast; discuss this with Huawei though both seem to have deaf ears based on other developer interactions with those companies. The issue is, the app is virus free but these companies chose to provide the false positive reported on their devices.

Hi Paul

'Titles' what do you mean - Labels, Screen Titles? It may have something to do with:

  1. The GUI Theme.
  2. How you have positioned the GUI components - to look similar on a range of different phones, use % values rather than pixels.

I meant all screen titles are missing in the Samsung device,
I don’t kow what GUI components are and I always used percent execpt for one button in the entire app

ok I got it, Avast Antivirus and Huawei devices don’t like ai2 apps much but this should not be interferring when connected via the Companoin, does it?

Is the Samsung an Android 4.2.2? Using any Theme other than Classic will not display the Title in my older 4.2.2. This behavior is either a bug or an issue with DeviceDefault setting. There are no issues on my Android 8.1 . What happens if you set Theme to Classic Paul?

Yeah thanks a lot that was that, the device is run by Android 4.4.2