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My name is Hannah and I have been using the 'Experiments with Virtual Reality and MIT App Inventor' manual to create a VR app for my small business. My app has a similar layout to the example Virtuality app attached and discussed in this manual. However, when I built my app using the manual and also downloaded the virtuality app to test it on my Android mobile phone it would not run saying there was an error in loading. My phone is an up-to-date model and was able to download the MIT app companion, the google cardboard, and the MITVRhelper app and they all did not work in loading my virtuality app. I also tried sharing my app using this link: and it did not work on my phone. Please does anyone have any suggestions for how I can resolve this issue? I am new to app development and still learning about all the functions on MIT app inventor.

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If you don’t mind please share the aia. Or if you have an idea where the problem may be post the relevant blocks. If you are going to share the aia remember to remove anything that is secret or sensitive.


Hello Hanna.

You are referring to Experiments with Virtual Reality and MIT App Inventor This was part of a 2016 research project by an MIT student.

Did you download MIT VR Helper - Apps on Google Play

You may want to contact the developer (information from GooglePlay ... who might be able to help you.

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Hi SteveJG, yes I downloaded the MIT VR Helper, but I'll try and contact the developer. Thank you!

Hi Deanart2012, please see the image of the blocks below and the Virtuality aia. I was referring to [ ] when developing my app and my blocks are similar to the blocks in this VR project, I only need to change the obj file and the texture file. Hope this helps.

virtuality.aia (70.1 KB)