Viewer too small. Elements clipping

Good day! I'm new to MIT App Inventor. I just have a problem where the elements clip and I'm unable to see them. Example I have a HorizontalArrangement with width at 100%. Then there are 4 buttons with 25% width each. It all should fit if I'm not mistaken but it clips for some reason.

I tried changing browsers but it's still the same. I'm having trouble creating an app because of this. Moreso if let's say I wanted to fit 8 buttons on the horizontal arrangement but even if I divide it properly, it just clips and I can't order the buttons properly.
Any help would be appreciated!

I see 5 buttons, and each has a big fat piece of text in it.

I like Fill Parent for spreading buttons out evenly, and I immediately change the .Text of new buttons to not Button-spread.

The Button 5 was actually supposed to be after Button 4 but since Button 4 already clips, I can't even put Button 5 after it.

Here I removed the other button. All buttons are in 25% width still clips on the end.

This is just a designer, not everything is perfect as in a real device. On the phone, the buttons will be neatly arranged on the screen. Also, if all buttons have the same width and are to fill the whole screen, no use percentages, use the "fill parent" option.

HorizontalArrangement does not support horizontal scrolling.