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Good morning everyone and thanks again for your help.
I have this problem: I would like to display several photos by uploading them into one container, and each photo should match the title or name of the person or object displayed.
foto.aia (1.0 MB)

It would be great if you could view the photos just by writing the name and not use the buttons or both.

For that you would need @Taifun 's textbox extension. Create a dictionary with keys the names you assign to each photo and values the corresponding photos and on text change if the name is a key in the dictionary it will show the image

The above shown method is case sensitive, so the exact name has to be written in textbox

Thanks, I'll try it now. I think I already have the extension but I will purchase it again.
Sorry if I still take advantage of your kindness and professionalism.
If I were to make this image change from Cloudb.
always in the single remote container, what should I do?

This extension is free to use

Yes, I know, but I intended to make a donation anyway, out of respect for the work of everyone who helps me.
I attempted to donate.
Every time I try to make a donation, I am asked to open a PayPal account.
But why do I have to open an account?
I just want to make a donation.

You can choose to donate with credit or debit card instead of Paypal I believe (no need for a Paypal accund)

In fact I did this but it won't let me move forward unless I indicate to open an account.
Yet other times everything was simple.

Am I the one doing something wrong? Because I also received other payments, for other donations that I previously made easily without being asked for anything.
The only one I managed to do months ago was at MIT.

I'll try again and see if anything changes this time.

I tried nothing to do. BO!

Sorry, I've tried your blocks and every combination, but obviously I'm doing something wrong.

You can send me a complete .aia file if I don't bother you too much

In my example images are in assets and are in the form of image.png or image.jpg. In your dictionary values for images don't have the appropriate name

I corrected it but it doesn't work. maybe the buttons are not correct for opening images?
foto (2).aia (895.3 KB)

Try this one

foto.aia (1.0 MB)

Great, really a great solution.
You helped me a lot, like everyone else.

I also thank you for considering that I could create something like this based on your suggestions, but I'm not up to it.

I already understand little about my blocks, let alone modify or complete yours as you did.

As I have already clarified in many posts, when I ask for help with a problem, it is very difficult to understand if I receive incomplete suggestions, because sometimes I manage to understand and make the right changes, but often it is almost impossible for me.
Thank you and best wishes for the holidays.

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