View pdfs uploaded to the app

Hello everyone, I don’t speak very weel english; I uploaded the pdfs to the app on the MIT app inventor 2 website, in the multimedia section.
Now I would like to display them on an app page, how do I do it? I don’t want to load them from a url because it takes too long to open the file.
Can someone help me? Thanks.

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How to view a pdf document


The first link is not because I have to have the pdf on my smartphone and since everyone must be able to open it, it is not a good thing.
The second link could be fine, do I have to download any extension to be able to use it?
thanks for your time.

The first link also offers the pdf extension (paid) which will do what you want.

The second link requires 3 extensions and a javascript library (read to the bottom), and a fair bit of setting up!

With this extension you can also read pdf

For Juan_Antonio:
I can’t understand how the procedure is … could you explain it to me step by step? thanks

I can’t find the paid extension you say. I better explain what I have to do in order to understand if this extension is good for me; in my app I have an image, I click on it and another page opens with a pdf file (size between 20 / 100mb) that I can scroll to read and zoom anywhere on the page.

Create an image component.

Block ReadPdf of extension

pdfName = name of pdf in your root SdCard, example: comida.pdf

I created an image component.
“block readpdf of extension image1” what does that mean?
“Root sdCard” you mean on the smartphone?

the pdf will be displayed in the Image1 component

“Root sdCard” you mean on the smartphone?

right on the SdCard (not in folder)

I upload the pdf to the MIT app inventor website, I don't have to upload it to the phone. okay anyway? because I need that the pdf can view it anyone who has my app installed on the phone.

With this code I display the pdf file but only the second page and above all only if I have the file on the phone, how come?

page 0
page 1
page 2

I’VE DONE IT! however I can’t zoom when I’m in the pdf, how do I do it?

one solution is to display the pdf in a webviewer component...
the already mentioned paid pdf extensions could show you how to do it...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

Ciao. Ho visto la tua estensione KIO4 per file pdf. Molto utile! Potrei utilizzarla per adattarla alla mia App che poi pubblicherò nella galleria del sito App Inventor?
La mia App permette di scattare delle foto da inserire in un unico file pdf che è possibile poi condividere…

I have already tried a webviewer component but it takes too long to open the pdf file if it is on a link

first download the pdf file, then display it