View data from 2 or more ESP32 boards in an app


I would like to have an app where there's a grid like so (but more appropriate app-looking) based from the data coming from 3 ESP32 boards that's a string of 4-letter strings (for example "YNYN")


Most tutorials show only 1 app controlling 1 ESP32 boards. I would like to know how would I go about doing this?

Currently, the clue I have is through ESP NOW with 1 responder getting the strings from 3 initiators but so far I have not yet confirmed if the responder ESP32 can connect and transmit data to the app when it's busy receiving data from the initiators.

Anyone have possible ways of doing so?

Ok. So this is what you asked in the other topic. How often do you want to refresh the data? How often is it change? Is it some kind of relay status information. How far are they? Is there WiFi available with internet, or you want to connect directly to the ESPs?

So the refresh is every 30 seconds, yes relay status info. Distance is about 3 meters from each other. There is wifi but I'm open to use either use wifi or Bluetooth. If possible I can connect directly through an app, not a webserver

You only can use it with BT the way I described earlier. You set up a Wifi between the ESPs, use one for master ( WiFi/Web server) , other ESPs sends the informations to the master and you connect to the master via BT with your phone. Or if you have WiFi as you described then connect to the master via WiFi with your phone, that way the range is limited by your router's range. BT is close range. Well, definitely easier to connect via BT to one device but since you have to set up the WiFi between the EPSs, from there only one step to WiFi to your phone. Do you have any experience with the ESP32 WiFi?
One more option though. You can communicate between the ESPs via ESP-NOW protocoll. Then you can connect to one designated (master) ESP via BT with your phone.
For example check this:Getting Started with ESP-NOW (ESP32 with Arduino IDE) | Random Nerd Tutorials

Thank you Usane.

As per an update, I got to make it work on ESP-NOW protocol getting data from 3-5 sender boards through a receiver board. There are some delays in getting the data but it seems you can get to work around it using polling (haven't tried since the delay is insignificant for my application) or through ESP-MESH.

We were right on the money with this

Though I went with full Wifi instead of using Bluetooth which is good for my use case.

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