VideoPlayer1 Problem with .Start option

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VideoPlayer.start function is not working. It`s not working when in one buton VideoPlayer receive VideoPlayer1.Source=”something„ and line below command VideoPlayer.Start.

So video file is loading but VideoPlayer is not reacting to function .start and video file is not playing.

How to solve this ? or , how to make autoplay without clock …

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please show us your blocks :upside_down_face:

There are two ways to do this:


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Do we know why VideoPlayer1.Start will not work in the Screen1.Initialize block written in the second line under VideoPlayer1.Source="Video.mp4" ?

Example 2 is better for me because it will auto start the video. But sometimes when next scrren is loading fast and Im using Timer it returns error that VideoPlayer1 is not there ...I dont know why. After a while when everything is loaded it is working fine. But for sure it is a problem when I want to show video just after loading next screen...

Try to set the TimerInterval to 200 (= 200 ms) or 300 or 400 ... and check it on your (test) devices.


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