Videoplayer with URL not work

From the VideoPlayer help (click the ? at the appinventor), it says:
"You can also set the media source to a URL that points to a streaming video, but the URL must point to the video file itself, not to a program that plays the video.

At the “blocks” I set “VideoPlayer1.Source” to (i cover my source with XX)
At the “design” set Source = None

When testing it said “undefined” when I click Button3.

If I upload the city.mp4 from appinventor
At the “blocks” set VideoPlayer1.Source to city.mp4 (no URL, just filename)
At the “design” set Source = None (yes None)

It plays the video when i click Button3.

So VideoPlayer CAN’T work with URL as it says in the help (the ? mark). Is there something you are going to fix? Thanks for a great

please upload your screenshot directly into this thread like this
thank you

Thanks :-), done

I will upload my demo, but not possible, i get “apps with extensions cannot be uploaded to the gallery”.

My demo, All in one (7MB apk, inside there is 1MB mp4): sidebar extension, layout, long text for label, ActivityStarter, web connectivity, clock, play mp3, play mp4, text speech.

if you interest you can get it from here: ; same place for demo.apk

Tips: aia or apk is just a zip file, rename it to zip, then you can look into the directory structure.

Hi Tng, did you manage to solve the issue?

I am facing the same problem. I can only play the .mp4 video succesfully when I add it in the app resources.

However, if I try to load it from a URL on the fly, an ‘undefined’ exception is shown on screen when the ‘set VideoPlayer1.Source’ block is executed.

I tried to covert the .mp4 video into the ‘H264 baseline profile’ as suggested here, but unluckily I did not notice any difference.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Try this (with DeepHost Video_Player ext.):

hi Davidjava, no i didnt, URL not work. It was a post for dev team.
About “deep host” extension, you need to download the app and register with your phone number. I dont use it.

... with any number

I was not able to register here in Costa Rica...
Also "deep host" does not offer support for his extensions, nor does he answer by email... the only thing you can do is to use them on your own risk...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

Thank you for your hints.

Finally, I decided to download the .mp4 file from the internet as a previus step, as explained here . Once I have it stored in the mobile storage as a temporary file, I set the file path in VideoPlayer and can play it without any problem.

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