Video Player don't start

Hi everybody, I have this situation: I included a video player component in designer and works fine, but if a move it into an horizontal layout and make it not visible, to be shown only by pushing a buttom, then do not autostart, and I have to push play in its controls or push the buttom again, to star video.

Is this behavior normal?, what can I do to solve it? I lookup to see previous post it's, but I couldn't find a solution.

I'm attaching two .aia files as examples: 1 with videplayer out of layout that works, and the other with videplayer inside layout, that do not work, with the same code in both situations.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Example.aia, app works fine
Example.aia (30.5 KB)

Example_fail.aia, app has the bug
Example_fail.aia (30.6 KB)


You do know that with the Loop property, the player can play the audio files you give infinite times?

Use a clock component to start the video 100ms later


Thanks @Gordon_Lu , I do, and that's what a I need to happend.

Thank you, @Taifun, that's exactly how I solved it, but there's no sens to me to add additional components to obtain the same result, and tha's why I asked if was doing something wrong.


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