Video Game Raging Children App Request

Good morning - not sure if this is the right place to ask, but all you App creators and incredible minds. Is there an app that can be created to shut down gaming consoles when children go into a screaming rage when playing video games? I know I can shut off the wifi or his gaming time through my internet providers App. But I had this crazy thought that if there is a device that stops darks from barking (not electrical shock) then there could possibly be an App that would just shut off when kids go into a rage. Would be a great training tool to help raging, screaming children, like the annoying barking of a dog. Any ideas, thoughts or another place to ask a question like this please let me know. If there is an app that can be created I know I would purchase the app without question, many other parents would do the same. Thank you for your time.



In fact, there is such a tool. It's commonly called parents.

Sorry, couldn't resist...

Hello Mike

It would be possible to make such an App but it would require hardware too - a microcontroller + relay to switch off the console or switch off it's WiFi.

You are asking in the wrong forum section, so I will move your post to 'Work for hire', but you might not get any response. You could have a go yourself - App Inventor is very easy to learn.

Hi Michael,

Actually innovative idea but you need to check if it's real scream or just a loud noisy car or truck passing by , so it can be little complicated to accomplish , there's a better solution is to install a RAT on the child device so you can control it remotely via internet connection and just send shutdown or reboot command or whatever command you want to , try to search for such apps it's already in the market.

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