Very very rush. I need extension about recognizing colors and calculating cube

I want to make an app that can scan the magic cube on each side with the camera, then show and teach the user how to solve the cube.

A very ambitious project. I think too ambitious to start with. A lot of learning programming in the inventor app awaits you. I think you can use the camera component to take pictures and the canvas component to detect the colors on the cube. The rest is mathematics, I have no idea about Rubik's Bones. However, the extension is not the direction you need.

Ambitious. Here is an algorithm you possibly can code with Blocks for part of your Project:

I also came across this extension:

I know an algorithm (which I modified a bit) to solve Rubik's Cube which is very easy to implement as it only takes the input once and doesn't have to track the pieces during the process, The only big problem is that it takes about 200-350 moves (coz it solves each "sticker" individually) against the standard 20 moves (for computer) and 50-60 moves (for human).

Edit: That method is called the Old Pochmann Method and is used by most blindfold solvers. It has 3 algorithms, but I modified it to use just one! Hence super easy to learn and implement.

PS: I solve in about 110 moves ~ 80 seconds :sunglasses:

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