Very Simple HTTP GET example code

Here's an example program of the web component in action, specifically the HTTP GET action. This will pull data off a hosted text file (or html, or php, etc.) or off a text file on a google drive account. The google drive url format is important for making this work. File ID can be found by right-clicking on the file and selecting "get shareable link." The shareable link itself is not an acceptable url format. Posting here for others just starting out and future me:

httpGet_example.aia (3.2 KB)

The hosted file for this example is a series of data points separated by spaces, i.e.:

0 1 21 4 6 002 37 8 8 9 0 10 0 

The app first retrieves the file and checks if its content has changed. If so, it displays the url, response code, type, and content of the HTTP response, then separates the values into a list and displays them individually.

Just a variety of simple processing actions. Just a simple example of HTTP GET.