Verwendung vom (OpenAndroMaps) maps

Kann man die maps von OpenAndroMaps verwenden, d.h. wird die MapsForge Library (Android Bibliothek die Vectorkarten abbildet) im appinventor unterstützt?
Falls ja, wo finde ich eine entsprechende Dokumentation?

OpenAndroMaps probably cannot be used with App Inventor. It might be possible to use intents if you have a Oruxmaps app installed on your device. I expect it might be impossible to control Oruxmaps with intents (ActivityStarter); but you could try. Why?

OpenAndroMaps uses its own map viewer called Oruxmaps (available from GooglePlay).

OpenAndroMaps are vector tile maps similar to OpenStreetMaps (the map tiles used by the MIT Maps component). At the present, App Inventor 2 can only use the OSM tiles resident on the OSM servers. It cannot use downloaded map tiles. OpenAndroMaps reside on an Android’s sDcard. The idea behind OAM is that its tiles reside on the device, not a server. Since the Map component cannot access stored tiles, it is doubtful OpenAndroMaps can be used with OpenAndroMaps tiles.

I suspect the only way to use OAM on you Android is to use the Oruxmaps viewer or to download a OAM map and create your own map viewer. OAM does not appear to have a public api that can be used to view its maps so I don’t know how to do that.

Here is some OpenAndroMaps links
Oruxmaps map viewer


For the moment, use the OSM tiles with the MIT Map component or use the Google satellite maps using Google Maps URLs and display your hiking/cycling trails on those maps.