Verticalscrollarrangement not scrolling on device

Hi, I posted this problem in designer, at the time I had not tried to connect with a device. Now I am connected with an android device, there is no scroll bar on the side of a verticalscrollarrangements. I have a horizental containing three verticalscroll. none of them shows a scrollbar. I am certain that the content in each verticalscroll is much longer than what shows up. Thanks

Do you have screen1 Scrollable ticked. If so, untick it. Does that help ?

I tried screen1 "scrollable" ticked or unticked, no scroll bar stays on the side. but I noticed either way it does scroll when finger is sliding on the arrangement. A scroll bar appears for <1 second right when I tick it or untick it., After that, it disappears though still scrollable. Without the bar, some users may not know that it's scrollable there.

The scroll bars are not permanently visible, they should show on first view, then disappear until scrolled, then they appear again. After scrolling is finished, they will disappear.


Thanks for the info.

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