Verticalscrollarrangement not scrolling (in Designer!)

I am using two verticalscrollarrangement layouts inside a horizontal layout. There is no scroll bar on the side even though some of a long list of checkboxes are not showing. Looked at all the settings for the layout, not much I can change. Thanks for any suggestion

Do you have Screen1 Scrollable checked ? If you do, uncheck it.

screen1 scrollable checked or unchecked does not make a difference.

how did you set the height of the horizontal arrangement?
and how did you set the height of the vertical scroll arrangements?


I tried all types of height for both the horizontal and verticalscroll (match parent, automatic, or a percentage like 30% or 80%). No scroll bar on the verticalscroll layout for any of these changes.

additional info, when i set screen1 scrollable checked, if things get out of bondary, a scroll bar does appear on screen1 though. It's just the verticalscroll layout that shows no scroll bar.

Try this

scrollingVAs.aia (2.8 KB)

Does it work for you ?

Sorry, I'm new here, if you don't mind, would you give me a hint on how i can use it? I tried to import it as an extension, it says not the right type of file

It is an aia project.

Download the file to you computer.
Open App Inventor, then


Thanks for the hint, i tried that and added a bunch of labels (more than the layout can hold), still no scroll bar

Did my original aia work with the label text ?

How are you testing, are you using the emulator, companion etc? Or are you trying this in the designer? Things behave differently in the designer.

your original aia did not exceed the boundary of the layout, scrollbar may not appear. I am just using the designer. But even in designer, it would be great to have a scrollbar, otherwise, it's difficult to work with those items not showing up because it's not scrollable, e.g. adjust the order of these elements.

OK, now I understand.

The vertical scrolling arrangement does not scroll in the designer.

You have to fiddle about with heights and set the Screen1 to Scrollable in order to place your components correctly.

For your arrangements, do as follows:

  • Set Screen1 to Scrollable ( I believe you have found the check box for that)
  • Set the height of the outer horizontal arrangement to something large, like 1000 px
  • Set the height of your vertical scrolling arrangements to something large too, like 800px

You should now be able to scroll the screen to access and organise all the components you have loaded into each of your vertical scrolling arrangements.

Once that is done, set the arrangements height back to what you want them to be.

Test in the companion app on your device.

Appreciate your advice. The walkaround sounds a little crazy, it will be great if a scroll bar shows in the layout. Thanks.