Vertical line on screen

This shows vertical green line on the screen of the phone device.pls let me know how to clear it

This question looks more like an App Inventor User question, so I am moving it to the regular help board, away from from questions about extension development and changes to how AI2 itself works.

Regarding the green bar, that looks like a scroll bar.

Screen1 has a scrollable flag that might affect that bar.

Have you tried running your app on an actual device?
Does it show on the device?

Try this:


No after downloading the apk file it’s gives error as shown below

doesnot work still it shows green vertical line

Post the aia.

That space and (2) in the .apk file name looks like trouble to me.
Renaming the .apk file (F2) might be helpful.

The green vertical line is a part of the Designer display in App Inventor. You will not see this when developing your app in Companion on a device, or when you compile the project to an apk.

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Of course, I never consciously paid attention to it. :ok_hand:

Hello, but when I connect "AI companion" the app contend will go left. Is is something to do with the green bar or it will bo OK once download .apk