Vertical Arrangement Bug- Ctrl-c/v

Hello all,

I was working on the Logo part 2 app for Mobile Csp, and I was trying to put a horizontal layout with a text input and a label in a vertical arrangement in it by copying and pasting it, and this is what happened.

Everything is marked visible
I don't know what happened, but i can't fix it and now need to start all over.
You can clearly see that nothing is showing up except for the current input, label, and hor. arrangement. They should be inside the vertical arr.
Here's the .aia
Logo2Template.aia (23.2 KB)

Any idea how to fix it other than starting over?

Other issues of the same sort-

I was able to remove the table arrangement by

  • turning every arrangement invisible
  • closing my session
  • reopening the project (no error messages this time)
  • Duplicating the table arrangement contents under Screen1 (outside the table arrangement) using Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V in the component tree, HA by HA
  • deleting the original table arrangement
  • turning everything visible again.

I did not try to save blocks.
If you had blocks associated with the components I deleted, export them as .png files first to preserve them for import after the designer cleanup.

Logo2Template_ABG.aia (23.3 KB)

Thanks for the bug report. There appears to be an issue when it comes to pasting a view into the Table Arrangement. I deleted your Angle2 arrangement and reloaded the page and it reset the UI layout. We will look into why this happened.

Thanks @ABG and @ewpatton. I did not have blocks associated with them yet. :smile:

Hey all,

Thanks @ABG, and @ewpatton for the bug fix. Let me know when it's resolved... I use ctrl-c and v a lot in the ui.
Here's the finished app -Logo_With_Parameters.aia (23.5 KB)
It's the first time I really have gone into parameters. The app uses logo commands to draw shapes or whatever, and based on your input it will draw that shape. I haven't added the functions that control these actions yet, but I've done all the procedures for the shapes and such.

Same issue as here and here

Angle2 arrangement did not have position in TableArrangement1 and thereby error...

Working Logo2Template.aia (23.2 KB) with the missing position and without deleting anything in it..

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@Boban Thanks... Good luck fixing it.

It's best not to use a table. This component is unpredictable and has a lot of bugs. Recently, someone also had a problem with this component and the project was crashing. Better to use several horizontal and vertical arrangements.

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Only thing I can recommend if using TableArrangement is NOT to copy paste stuff in it, only drag components to proper position and that's it..

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