Verify email with firebase

how i can take my script id for gmail Authentication??
how i can do verify email

See here

and for background see here

how can i say here if verificated (condition)

see how it is done in my example

i want to say if link verificated(typed) , sent all this data to firebase

You have to fetch all the user profile data from firebase to check if their email is verified.
(The POST request you use is essentially the same as a user signing in...)

then check the emailVerified for true/false, then do what you want

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  1. I can't read you blocks images.
  2. Be specific about the problem you have and show the relevant blocks

Just saying you have a problem does not help us to help you. Explain what you are trying to achieve, and show where it breaks or stops working

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p (4)_LI
first here do i need to write somthing after =

Those blocks should login the user and return the login data, including their idToken. You do not need to add anything else.


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also here in login form , i dont need to add anything?

You do need to add your firebase project API key, nothing will work without it.


so in register form ,the same but remainder like action2, idtoken...
do i need to add firebase API key or empty?

Where do these variables come from? Are you on a different screen?

yeah , i did 2 page, one login form and the second register form ,i use the same variable in 2 pages

Yes, you will need to set those variables on each screen.

from where can i download this extension , it read if email and password in firebox right without to use too block , is not it?

That looks like the Kodular component.

remainder block must be empty or i must add API key also?
i work the same of this

Wherever you need to provide the API key...

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i use API key in API key variable but i am talking about remainder block like idToken ,action ..