Varying background image and window.innerheight and widths

Hi, I am trying to make a variable background to be shown in a webviewer.

I checked the value of the webviewer height (427px) and width (360px) I am having problems sizing and placing my images using canvas.drawImage() so I checked using alert in javascript window.innerheight 583(px) and window.innerwidth (492px). The widths and height are diifferent (by about 36.5%). This would be fine if all devices would have the same webviewer dimensions as I could multiply the difference but.......

My question how do I to get the inner height and width values so that they can be used while making a html/javascript file

Feed the javascript using the webviewstring to supply the webviewer height and width as shown in the app.

thanks, I thought about this but my brain is fried at the moment and I could get it, I'm going to have to leave it alone for while

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