Variables in buttons

Hi, I am wondering if I can create a variable when I click a button.
I have one screen with 8 different buttons saying ("5 seconds","10 seconds","1 minute"...) and when I click one, then it opens another screen (all buttons go to this screen). In this screen, there is a countdown so depending on what button you clicked before, the countdown will be of 5 seconds, 10 seconds...

Because of that, I think I need to create variables when pressing the buttons. Or there is another way to do it?


Here's a sample project slightly similar to what you want to do.!msg/mitappinventortest/BOj2-ThEe3s/VlmXdcVOAgAJ

You don't need the aggravation of multiple screens, just stack multiple Vertical Arrangements and show them one at a time.

Also consider using a List Picker loaded with different numbers of minutes instead of all those buttons. That's much easier.