Variables- "get" block. the down arrow doesnt open

Am learning mole mash tut. Requires use of the variable tab in blocks. i need to use the “get” block. I need to click the down arrow but nothing opens and creates an error. Please assist thank you guys

Have you created a variable yet ?
You will need to do so using the > Variables > initialise global “name” to block first


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Please send us a picture of what you have created so that we can better guide you

If you hover your Blocks Editor cursor over the orange lozenge holding the name in a init global variable block or init local variable block, you should see a getter and a setter block pop up nearby for you to grab and drag away.

If you don’t see those, check that you allow your browser to show popups for the AI2 web site.
Sample video …

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Dearest awesomest person. Thank you! that was it. It is working now, thank you for your reply i appreciate it!!

Thank you for replying i have figured it out i didnt add a previous block. I appreciate it!

A user helped me, i didnt add a previous block. Thank you for your reply!!

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