Variable Size Limits

Does anyone know the size restriction/limit of the "TEXT" element of the "File" storage component? Also, if known, what are the size limits of AI2 variables in general?

The 'size' (number of characters ??) of a Text component is limited by the device system memory. In practice, a developer can easily include the text of a 300 page or more print book (an example > Redirecting to Google Groups ) . If you type into a Text block, what is displayed in the Tex block is limited to about (well , you can count them as well as I can Donald) characters; however what the Text block can contain (its character capacity) is several orders of magnitude larger. You can see all the characters by left clicking the contents of the Block so that the contents change the background color to white; then use the arrow key to move the cursor to the right. You can also post the contents to a Label and see all the Text contained in the Block.


What do you mean? Number of characters in the variable name or the limits to the maximum numerical value?

For a discussion, see Strings, numbers, what size can they have? - #3 by ewpatton


Thank you very much. Just what I needed.

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