Variable changing even though i didn't change it?

I'm working on a clock app with Arduino. The app receives the alarm time, displays it in the app, and allows me to change the time and whether it's on or off. After Arduino sends everything to the app, I put everything into two lists. The first one is temporary and is used to display the alarm time correctly because if the hour is greater than 100, it means it's off, and I don't want to show something like 107:30; I only want to display 7:30. The other list contains the real alarm time. In this code block, I'm only changing the temporary time, but for some reason, the variable holding the real time also changes. Nowhere in my code do I do something like "realTime = tempHour."

Try using the other kind of loop, FOR EACH Number From 1 to length of list.

I changed to this now. the problem still persists, I have a text box that prints the value of the realTime variable, if I remove this block, the realTime variable is correct, but the moment i put it back, the realTime variable is the same as the tempHour

Try these alternatives:


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dude the second one solved the problem, thank you so much. I was actually going crazy with this error, saved my life

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