Variable Block issue

Having problems selecting variable text. I select pulldown but am unable to view text to select valid entry.

Hi There @Spanky_Johnson
I wonder if you can provide a screenshot and a video :thinking:


Welcome to the forum Spanky

We need to see your Blocks:
Right-mouse in the Blocks work area and select "Download Blocks as image"

Good Morning Guys. My apologies .

Well, your screenshot isn't informative, we need to see all your Blocks to work out what is going wrong - I assume you already have a number of predefined variables to select from?

You need to create a variable first before you can set it:



Okay . i mean do you want me to select each block or what. Im not really following. It just seems to be the ones that i have to click the pull down on. The pre-defined ones dont seem to be an issue. Please advise thanks.

Thank You so much. I got to far ahead myself. Much appreciated

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