Values not stored in listpicker with tinydb as expected

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could help me out I had previously made an app that worked with multiple screens but had to condense to one for bluetooth reasons. In the app with multiple screens the method I used for tinydb worked fine, It had it so the user enters a number in a text box and it gets stored in a listpicker. Since using just the one screen the method I used doesnt work as when the app is closed the values arent saved. Below are screenshots of all the code, if someone could help me out I would be very greatful. Thanks in advance.

These blocks should show you the workflow to follow:


store your list in a variable, and save this list to the tinydb. Any changes to the list get saved to the tinydb and represented in the listpicker.

Load list from tinydb
Save to list
Store to tinydb
Display in Listpicker

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Right Thank you for your help